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Top 5 Tips For Burning Candles

Would you like to know how to get the most out of one my candles and increase burn time? Here are my top five tips:

1. Before you light your candle, trim the wick to 5mm. The longer the wick the quicker your candle will burn so you should trim the wick after each burn as this will ensure your candle burns for longer. Burn for a minimum of 4 hours the first time you burn your candle. This is really important as my next point explains....

Candles burning on a map.
Photo by Simon Migaj

2. Allow the surface wax to completely melt into liquid. This may take a couple of hours and will stop the 'tunnelling' effect you often get when you burn some candles. Once your candle has reached its full burning pool, it is recommended burning your candle for no longer than 4 hours. It's this melt pool that will increase your scent throw so the bigger the better.

3. Keep your wick central to allow for a long even burn. Sometimes your wick can move slightly off centre when it burns so you will need to straighten it after it's been lit and the melted wax has cooled down.

Charlotte Harley Ginger and Juniper candle burning in a black container
Ginger and Juniper Soy Candle

4. Remove any debris in the candle. This can cause the flame to flicker too high, which can lead to soot and blackening of the glass or even worse - your walls or ceilings! I use 'CL' wicks in my candles - cotton and linen - that have been especially developed for vegetable waxes such as soy. Made from unbleached cotton, these wicks minimise afterglow and smoking so no more sooty smoke!

5. Keep your candle away from draughts. This can cause candles to burn more quickly, unevenly, and flicker.

Candle burning
Photo by Alex Holyoake

So there you have it! All my candles are tested extensively and I can honestly say if you follow these tips you will get many more hours out of your candles.

Any questions then please get in touch with me!

Charlotte x

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